The final programme is now available (for download click here)

Final programme

08:00Registration of participants
Opening session
Chair: Christophe Béhar, Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA, and Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
09:00Opening of the SNETP 2nd General Assembly
Christophe Béhar, Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA, and Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
09:15Keynote 1: The Belgian decision to support MYRRHA
Eric Van Walle, Director-General, SCK•CEN
09:40Keynote 2: The view of EURELECTRIC on the role of nuclear in the future energy mix in Europe
Susanne Nies, Head of Energy Policy & Generation Unit, EURELECTRIC
10:05Keynote 3: The IEA / NEA Nuclear Technology Roadmap
Steven Lee, Senior Energy Analyst, International Energy Agency, and Martin Taylor, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
10:30 Coffee break in poster area
Session I: EU developments
Chair: Ute Blohm-Hieber, Head of Unit, Nuclear Energy, DG Energy, European Commission
11:00Nuclear Research: a contributor to the SET-Plan in the frame of the EU Energy Policy
Dr Octavi Quintana-Trias, Director Energy (Euratom), DG-Research, European Commission
11:30The ‘Opportunities’ Working Group of ENEF – the European Nuclear Energy Forum
Jean-Pol Poncelet, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Development and Continuous improvement, AREVA, and Chairman of the ‘Opportunities’ Working Group of ENEF
11:50Towards a joint programme on nuclear materials under EERA – the European Energy Research Alliance
Stefano Monti, Head of Reactor and Fuel Cycle Safety and Security Methods Section, ENEA
12:10"IGD-TP": the 'Implementing Geological Disposal of radioactive waste-Technology Platform'
Maarten van Geet, ONDRAF/NIRAS and Gerald Ouzounian, ANDRA
12:30 Walking lunch in poster area
Session II: The SNETP strategy
Chair: Prof. Dr Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Deputy Director General & Director of Myrrha Project, SCK•CEN, and Chairman of the SNETP SRA
13:45Overview of achievements since the 1st General Assembly
Rauno Rintamaa, Vice President, VTT Business Solutions, Energy, and Chair of the SNETP Executive Committee
14:00Consultation of the Assembly on the renewal of the Governing Board(*)
Christophe Béhar, Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA, and Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
14:15Deployment Strategy, R&D prioritisation, and Implementation Plan
Olivier Marchand, EDF R&D Program Director, Nuclear Power Generation, and Chairman of the SNETP DS Working Group
14:40Education, Training and Knowledge Management: towards an SNETP strategy
Anselm Schaefer, Managing Director of the ISaR at the Technical University Munich, European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) and Co-Chairman of the SNETP ETKM Working Group
15:00 Coffee break in poster area
Session III (panel session): Implementing the ‘three pillars’ of the SNETP vision
Chair: Bernd Güthoff, Member of the Executive Board E.ON Kernkraft GmbH Technology and Operation, and Vice-Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
15:30Structuring SNETP work on Gen II & Gen III reactors
Tomas Lefvert, Corporate Scientific Adviser, Vattenfall Nuclear Power, and Chairman of the SNETP Gen II/III working group
Long term operation of Gen II and Gen III plants: NULIFE as an example
Jean-Pierre Hutin, EDF R&D Vice President, Power Generation Programs, and Chairman of the NULIFE Governing Board
16:00 Fast neutron reactors: the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII)
Noël Camarcat, Special Advisor, Nuclear R&D and International Issues, EDF Generation, and Chairman of the ESNII Task Force
16:30Nuclear cogeneration: state of play, perspectives and challenges
Sander De Groot, Project Manager, NRG Petten
Closing session
17:45Closing of the 2nd SNETP General Assembly
František Pazdera, Deputy Director of Power Generation for R&D, CEZ, and Vice-Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
18:00 Networking cocktail in poster area
(*) The list of candidates is available on the PDF version of the programme