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European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII)


European Industrial Initiatives constitute key elements of Europe's SET-Plan. They are industry-led programmes with the aim to boost research and innovation and to accelerate deployment of the technologies.

SNETP has set up a Task Force comprising research organisations and interested industrial partners to set the basis of the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) in support of the SET-Plan. 

ESNII will address the need for demonstration of Gen-IV Fast Neutron Reactor technologies, together with the supporting research infrastructures, fuel facilities and R&D work. As indicated in the Strategic Research Agenda, SNETP has prioritized the different Gen-IV systems and is proposing to develop in parallel two technologies :

  • the sodium-cooled fast neutron reactor technology as the reference solution, with the construction of a prototype around 2020 in France, which is strongly supporting this technology,
  • an alternative technology – either lead-cooled fast reactor or gas-cooled fast reactor – with the construction of an experimental reactor to demonstrate the technology, in another European country willing to host this programme.

Although the ESNII is intended to be partially funded through public/private partnerships, it is clear that Community funding will be necessary and SNETP is looking forward to the future communication of the EC on the funding of the SET Plan. 

ESNII was formally launched at the SET-Plan Conference in Brussels (15-16 November). Press release is available here 

Presentation on the European Industrial Initiative given at SNETP's second General Assembly, September 14, 2010
Presentation on the European Industrial Initiative given at SNETP's first General Assembly, October 26, 2008



Figure: The ESNII Roadmap


How to join the ESNII

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ESNII and the SET Plan

ESNII Concept Paper
(Oct 2010)

ESNII Brochure
(May 2010)


 Background Information

On November 22, 2007, the EC published its Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, "Towards a Low Carbon Future". This document recognises the role of nuclear fission in today's energy mix and identifies the development of Generation IV systems as one of the paths to Europe's future low carbon energy mix. It also calls for European Industrial Initiatives in six areas, including nuclear fission.