Session I: Opening & Keynotes
Chair: Frantisek PAZDERA, CEZ, and Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
Opening of the SNETP 3rd General Assembly
Frantisek PAZDERA, CEZ, Chairman of the SNETP Governing Board
  Keynote 1: Perspectives for Nuclear Energy in Poland
Hanna TROJANOWSKA, Deputy Minister of Economy of Poland
  Keynote 2: Nuclear Energy in the Low-Carbon Energy Mix: today and tomorrow
Peter FAROSS, Deputy Director General for Nuclear Energy, Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission
  Keynote 3: Trends and Accomplishments in the US Department of Energy Nuclear R&D Programme
Phillip J. FINCK, Chief Nuclear Research Officer at the Idaho National Laboratory
Session II: Recent developments
Chair: Christophe BEHAR, Director of Nuclear Energy, CEA, and Vice-Chairman of SNETP Governing Board
Q&A are included after each speaker
  Introduction of the session
Christophe BEHAR, CEA, Vice-Chairman of SNETP Governing Board
  Towards HORIZON 2020: the EU’s research, development and innovation framework 2014-2020
Simon WEBSTER, former Head of Unit, and Hervé PERO, Head of Unit, European Commission DG Research & Innovation
  SNETP: Overview of achievements since the 2nd General Assembly
Rauno RINTAMAA, Vice President, VTT Business Solutions, Energy, and former Chairman of the SNETP Executive Committee
  Implications of Fukushima for SNETP: Findings & proposals of Task Group
Josef MISAK, Director of Strategy, UJV Rez, and Chairman of the SNETP Fukushima Task Group
Several members of the Task Group will form a panel for Q&A
Session III: Implementing the SRA
Chair: Yves KALUZNY, Senior Advisor to the International affairs director, CEA, and Chairman of the SNETP Executive Committee
  Introduction of the session
Yves KALUZNY, CEA, Chairman of SNETP Executive Committee

Highlight: ‘New Member States’ in Euratom research
• Nuclear research in Poland
Grzegorz WROCHNA, Director of the Polish National Centre for Nuclear Research – 15'

• The NEWLANCER project: towards a better integration of NMS potential in the SNETP Strategic Research Agenda
Daniela DIACONU, Programme Manager, Institute for Nuclear Research, Pitesti- Romania, and Coordinator of NEWLANCER – 10'

• The SUSEN Project
Martin RUSCAK, Director of the Research Centre Rez, Czech Republic – 10'
• Q&A – 5'
  Gen II & Gen III reactor R&D: An integrated European framework
Valéry PRUNIER, Programme Director, EDF R&D, and Chairman of SNETP Gen II/III working group
Nuclear Cogeneration: Towards an Industrial Initiative
Marek TARKA, IMS Manager, Prochem SA, and Sander DE GROOT, Business Development Manager, NRG
   Fast neutron reactors: status of ESNII, the European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative
Noël CAMARCAT, Special Advisor Nuclear R&D and International Issues, EDF, and Chairman of the ESNII Task Forc
Closing session
Chair: Giancarlo AQUILANTI, SVP Nuclear Technical Area at ENEL Engineering & Innovation, and Vice-Chairman of SNETP Governing Board
  Closing speech
Krzysztof GULDA, Director of the Department of Strategy (Ministry of Science & Higher Education)
  Next steps for SNETP, closing of the 3rd General Assembly
Giancarlo AQUILANTI, ENEL, Vice-Chairman of Governing Board


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Implications of the Fukushima accident for SNETP
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