Realisation of a new large research infrastructure in Belgium: MYRRHA


Realisation of a new large research infrastructure in Belgium: MYRRHA


Last Friday, the Belgian federal government announced “the realization of a new large research infrastructure in Belgium: MYRRHA” (Multi-purpose hYbrid Research Reactor for High-tech Applications). Over the course of the last twenty years, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK•CEN, has been actively working on designing and building this new multifunctional research installation. It is the very first prototype of a nuclear reactor driven by a particle accelerator in the world.

As the result of the last council of ministers, The federal government decided to extend this innovative project. Indeed, it will invest 558 million euros during the 2019-2038 period in phase 1 of MYRRHA including the construction of the MYRRHA accelerator up to 100 MeV and its proton target facilities as well as in the preparatory phases of design and R&D for extending the accelerator up to 600 MeV and the MYRRHA reactor. MYRRHA will welcome international participations and collaborations.

This research facility is paramount for various topics relevant to society. Thanks to research on transmutation, MYRRHA will :

  • develop innovative solutions for advanced management of high-level nuclear waste aiming at reducing constraints on geological disposal,
  • contribute to the development and production of innovative radioisotopes and less invasive therapies to fight cancer.

With this decision the Belgian government indicates the ambition of Belgium to remain a world player at the forefront of research and innovation in nuclear applications & technology.

If you want to know more about MYRRHA, click here!

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