NUGENIA – ENEN Awards 2019


NUGENIA – ENEN Awards 2019

NUGENIA Forum 2019 will be the occasion to hand Young Generation Awards to selected Master’s students or PhD and post-docs candidates planning to pursue a career in the nuclear field. The awards are offered by the NUGENIA and ENEN Associations with the joint aim to promote interactions between the established nuclear R&D and industrial actors and the young generation of engineers and researchers.

1. Purpose

  • The awards shall help successful candidates, to enlarge their network of contacts and further develop international collaboration by working on their research and/or innovation topic with European and international sectorial experts and professionals.
  • Three prizes of €5000, €3000 and €2000 will be awarded following the evaluation of applications by an independent jury. The awards shall cover in particular travel and accommodation costs and other minor costs related to the personal project.
  • The ranking shall be decided by the jury following project presentations during the forum (5min pitch during the forum).

2. Application form

  • Structured CV (1 page max).
  • 2-pages application form including:
  1. Short summed up biography about the applicant (500 words max)
  2. Short description of the personal project and its timeline (500 words max)
  3. Personal career plan - explain your short-term, mid-term and long-term career goals, your targeted career field (academia, industry or international organisations, etc.), and the way to achieve set-up goals (500 words max)
  4. Action plan:
- Cross-border missions to meet expert counterparts – their objectives and how they fit into the above described career plan (200 words max):
     a. Country / City
     b. Visiting institution(s) with rationale (100 words max)
     c. Experts to be reached during the missions, explain their relevance to your personal project goals (100 words max)
- Missions to promote research, expand the candidate’s professional network and facilitate his or her employment (100 words max)

3. Award selection criteria

  • Project relevance to the NUGENIA Roadmap & NUGENIA Forum 2019 programme
  • Match between personal project, career plan and the Action Plan
  • Estimated project timing and approximate related cost

Application submission deadline is 15 February 2019. Send your applications to with the subject line ”Award”.

The applicants will be notified about the pre-evaluation of their applications by 22 February 2019 and will be invited to participate in the NUGENIA Forum 2019 in Paris held on 13-15 March 2019.
The invited participants will be supported for their travel to and lodging in Paris (200€ for the candidates studying/working in France and 500€ for others) to participate in the Forum free of charge. This support will be granted on a basis of the budget estimated by the candidates. The reimbursement should follow after reception of a short report including corresponding invoices received not later than 30 days after the Forum.
In addition to the invitation to the Forum and to the 3 awards, 5 candidates will also be selected to represent the NUGENIA Young Generation Community at the FISA-EURADWASTE 2019 conference and will be promoted to show their work in the poster session and publish it within a special volume of an international journal.

4. Award selection jury

  • Chair: Satu Heynen (VTT and Vice-President of NUGENIA AISBL)
  • Leon Cizelj (JSI, President of ENEN AISBL)
  • Walter Ambrosini (Professor PISA University)
  • Laurent Billet (EDF R&D Deputy Scientific Director)
  • Anastasiya Shapochkina (EDF R&D European Affairs)

5. Procedure for the award selection

For each item listed in 3. , each member of the Jury will give a mark comprised between 0 and 4:
0 = very weak
1 = weak
2 = average
3 = good
4 = very good


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