THINS project highlighted in Nuclear Engineering and Design

Nuclear Engineering and Design, an international journal devoted to all aspects of Nuclear Fission Energy, published a special issue in August on Thermal-Hydraulics of Innovative Nuclear Systems. In particular it contains 15 papers selected from the contributions presented at the THINS-2014 workshop.

THINS (Thermal-Hydraulics of Innovative Nuclear Systems) is an EU project that ran from 2010 to January 2015. It focused on crosscutting issues of thermal-hydraulics in several innovative systems, including five GEN-IV concepts, i.e. SFR,…


Invitation to Summer School on Heavy Liquid Metal in June

SCK•CEN will be organising a Summer School on Heavy Liquid Metal from 15 to 19 June 2015.

Heavy liquid metal (HLM) coolants offer new perspectives for the development of innovative nuclear systems for materials research, nuclear waste transmutation and energy production. The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) is at the forefront of HLM nuclear technology worldwide with the development of the MYRRHA accelerator driven system.

During this summer school, participants will gain insight into the…


ESNII+ summer school

The reactor physics division of KTH and CEA arrange the 1st ESNII+ summer school in Stockholm on 19-21 May 2014. In the summer school, a technical overview of the Generation IV reactor systems currently developed in Europe is provided by a set of lecturers involved in the projects.

Participation is free of charge. The number of participants in the summer-school is limited to 100.

Please register for the summer school at the following site: www.eventbrite.com




Three new projects to support SNETP pillars

Three new European projects kicked off in Autumn 2013 to support the three technology pillars of SNETP: NUGENIA+, ESNII+ and NC2I-R.

About the projects:

  • NUGENIA+ supports the NUGENIA Association for the management of research in the development and safety of Generation II and III nuclear installations and for administrative and strategic structuring for the EU Framework Programme for Research & Innovation HORIZON 2020 and beyond.The objective of the NUGENIA+ project is to support the NUGENIA Association in its role to coordinate…

Videos of 4th General Assembly now online

This year the fourth General Assembly of SNETP was held on 18 October in Vilnius, Lithuania, under the Lithuanian Presidency of the European Union.

With SNETP’s goal to support technological developments that enhance the safe and competitive use of nuclear fission in a sustainable energy mix, over 70 member organisations came together and set the future course of Europe’s Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform.

They reviewed the developments made since the last general assembly, gave updates on the status…


EC Public Consultation on Nuclear Liability

The European Commission has recently launched a Public Consultation on “Insurance and Compensation of Damages caused by accidents of Nuclear Power Plants (Nuclear Liability)”.

This Public Consultation and all relevant information are available on the European Commission’s website.

Please note that the consultation period is: 30 July – 22 October 2013.

Objective of the consultation

The European Commission (Directorate General for Energy) is currently assessing to what extent the situation of potential…


SNETP confirmed by EC as an official ETP

After a self-assessment asked by the European Commission (downloadable here), SNETP has been confirmed as an official European Technology Platform by the European Commission.

The EC considers that SNETP fulfils the revised criteria for recognition and will therefore be included in the publicly available list of recognised ETPs on the European Commission’s dedicated website.

For your information, the SNETP will be invited soon to a cross-ETP workshop.

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