Results of Euratom FP7 Call 2013 now available

Following the Euratom FP7 Call 2013, 18 project proposals have now entered into negotiation with the European Commission / DG RTD. They are expected to conclude by Spring and the projects to start in September 2013.

The proposals most relevant to SNETP include:

  • NUGENIA+, ESNII+ and NC2I-R, structuring the corresponding pillars of SNETP
  • MatISSE, which supports the joint programme on nuclear materials of EERA
  • ASAMPSA-E set to develop good practices on the use of level 1&2 PSA
  • MARISA, in support to the Myrrha programme
  • CHANDA,…

SNETP releases the SRIA 2013

On the occasion of the EC Symposium held in February, SNETP released the new version of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. It results from the SNETP Governing Board’s decision at its meeting in March 2012 to prepare a revision of the SRA by February 2013. Through this document, the authors assessed the achievements and progress made since the previous release in 2009, including the conclusions of the works of the ad hoc task force set up to identify the research areas in response to the Fukushima accident.



SNETP Governing Board renewed

The SNETP Governing Board has been recently renewed for two years. 32 organisations make the new Board, with 11 coming from industry, 13 from R&D and 8 from other organisations.

The election of the Chair and Vice-Chairs took place in Paris on 12 February. Frantisek Pazdera was re-elected as Chairman, with Martha Heitzmann (AREVA) and Hamid AĂŻt Abderrahim (SCK-CEN) as Vice-Chairs.

Download the full list of Board members.



Report of the SNETP Fukushima Task group

The report of the Fukushima Task Group entitled  “Identification of Research Areas in Response to the Fukushima Accident” has been published recently on the SNETP website.

The document, which assesses the lessons learned from the accident and the implications in terms of R&D, can be downloaded .


Dialogue with FORATOM on education

A joint meeting between the SNETP ETKM Working Group and the FORATOM Education & Training Task Force took place on 29 January 2013 in Brussels.

Possible interactions between the two groups were discussed, as well as several topics, such as the 2nd EC communication on nuclear education and training (expected by the end of 2013), the applicability of the ECVET (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training) in the nuclear field, and the need for…


Results of the public consultation on SRIA

The Editorial Board of SNETP’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda wants to thank all the contributors that have sent their comments and opinion on this strategic document. The Editorial Board has answered every comment received, have treated them and incorporated (whenever possible) in the final document.

The results of the Public Consultation of the SRIA are available here.

The SRIA Editorial Board will release the document in February 2013.

Should you have any question, please contact the Secretariat.

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