Join us for the ESNII Conference

The ESNII Biennial Conference will take place from 2-5 May 2017 at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, Lakehouse, Boeretang 201 in 2400 Mol, Belgium.

It will bring together industrial and research organisations involved in the 4 different ESNII projects (ASTRID, MYRRHA, ALFRED and ALLEGRO) to discuss achievements, challenges and outlooks.

The programme includes panel discussions, a technical visit and a workshop.

Registration deadline: Friday 21 April 2017.

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EU Energy Affairs Course for the NC2I

On behalf of the Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2) you are invited to attend the training entitled “EU Energy Affairs Course” organised in cooperation with Foratom, and held on 23 and 24 March 2017 in Brussels.

The scope of the training (programme below) will range from broader decision-making processes in the EU institutions to precise consultation mechanisms on energy, in particular nuclear-related issues. Due to the fact that nuclear technologies perfectly fit into the EU policy on research and innovation…


Presentations available: 6th SNETP GA & NC2I Session

The 6th SNETP General Assembly was held on 30 November 2016 in Bratislava as a side event of the SET-Plan 2016 Conference (1-2 December 2016). It included a public session open to the SET-Plan participants and external stakeholders, including representatives of international institutions and Member States as well as journalists from specialised press.

The SNETP General Assembly was followed by an event dedicated to NC2I. This NC2I Information Session provided updates on the progress made in the technical field and strategic interactions with international counterparts.




With the goal to support technological developments that enhance the safe and competitive use of nuclear fission in a sustainable energy mix, SNETP’s member organisations will come together on 30 November and set the future course of Europe’s Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform.
This year’s edition of the General Assembly will address R&D challenges within SNETP and the progress made in the three pillars NUGENIA, ESNII and NC2I. It will hold a public session open to the SET-Plan participants and external stakeholders,…


SNETP releases its Deployment Strategy 2015

SNETP is pleased to announce the release of the 2015 edition of its Deployment Strategy. The document was first issued in 2010 and was updated to take stock of evolutions in the nuclear and energy context in the past five years.

This document complements the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda, and aims to prioritise the SNETP programme over the coming decades to make it fully aligned with the general context of electricity generation in Europe, which includes different energy sources, different…


SNETP joins the Nuclear for Climate initiative


7 December 2015, Paris

In the context of the Paris COP21 Conference held from 30 November to 11 December 2015, the European Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP) joined the “Nuclear for Climate” (N4C) initiative.

N4C is a grassroots initiative launched by members of the French Nuclear Energy Society (SFEN),…


Launch of SPRINT project

The SPRINT project officially launched in June 2015. It’s main purpose is to support SNETP in the elaboration and wide adoption and use of its strategic roadmaps, as well as in strengthening its visibility and interactions with its members and external stakeholders.

The project sets out four specific objectives:

  1. Ensuring an inclusive and efficient process for producing strategic roadmaps;
  2. Improving the ‘value proposal’ of SNETP for the fission R&D community in Europe;
  3. Confirming SNETP as a key player within the international energy technology landscape;
  4. And…