Look back at NUGENIA Forum 2019


Look back at NUGENIA Forum 2019

The NUGENIA Forum 2019 was held on 13-15 March 2019 at Cité Universitaire, in Paris. During three days, more than 260 participants from 90 organisations exchanged on “Innovation for existing Gen II & III nuclear power plants”. 

NUGENIA president, Michel Maschi (EDF) officially opened the Forum by welcoming the audience and presenting the association. As innovation can have different meanings, six successive keynote speeches were given on the first day plenary sessions to help corner and define its various applications for nuclear in terms of safety, digital, risk assessment, decommissioning, SMRs, etc.

The Forum was divided in three days, the plenary sessions on the first day, followed by 6 technical sessions the day after, and on the final day, four keynote speakers shared their views on the international context of nuclear energy.

Finally, the Forum itself was innovative this year, proposing a brand new session, the ENEN-NUGENIA award contest, which aimed at supporting students in achieving their research projects.

You can read more about the NUGENIA FORUM 2019 and have access to all the presentations, on the NUGENIA website below:


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