HTR2018 Conference Outcomes


HTR2018 Conference Outcomes

HTR 2018 conference took place on 10-12 October, 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2002, the International Conferences on High Temperature Reactor Technology has aimed to accelerate research and development on High-Temperature Gas Reactor (HTGR) and heat application technologies. After Weihai (2014) and Las Vegas (2016), the 2018 conference was the opportunity to draw a link with the Polish Nuclear Programme and European initiatives such as GEMINI+, a EU funded (H2020 Euratom Programme) project aiming to prove the industrial feasibility of nuclear high temperature cogeneration with a potential demonstration site in Poland.


High-level keynote speakers such as W.D. Mackwood (NEA/OECD), M. Goff (White House Advisor), R. Arnold (BEIS/UK) and Polish Energy Minister J. Sobolewski, attended the conference and shared their impressions on the last developments of HTGR worldwide.

This year’s session hosted over 200 participants from 20 different countries represented. Non-European delegates from Australia, China, Japan, Jordan, USA, South Africa, Republic of Korea attended the event. The participation of Asian participants (+50%), Chinese in particular was quite impressive, but it remained consistent with the fact that China is now the world’s largest nuclear market.

186 abstracts and 140 papers have been submitted enabling attendees to obtain the latest results and get insight on new orientations and perspectives.


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