Full Conference Report of SET-Plan 2017 now available


Full Conference Report of SET-Plan 2017 now available



The SET Plan – The 10th Year Anniversary – Central European Energy Conference 2017 took place in Bratislava from 29 November to 1 December. SNETP Governing Board Chair Aït Abderrahim Hamid participated as a panelist in the session Nuclear Safety and Security, together with Daniel Iracane (DDG and Chief Nuclear Officer of the NEA at the OECD), Peter Liska (Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at VUJE), Radek Skoda (Assistant Professor at the Czech Technical University).

Synergies between the COP 21 targets and nuclear were identified by the panllists. If the world is to achieve the 2° objective and therefore replace the highly-emitting CO2 power plants, nuclear capacity has to increase by 2.5. The panelists agreed that safety is one of the most important concerns and that it can never be perfect. Nevertheless, the industry hasn’t spared any effort in reinforcing it after the Fukushima accident and the lessons learnt should enable to reduce future risks as much as possible. The full report is now available.

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