NRSHOT Courses: Nuclear reactor Safety Hands-On-Training courses


NRSHOT Courses: Nuclear reactor Safety Hands-On-Training courses

  • When: 23-27 March 2020
  • Where: Lucca, Italy

The NRSHOT Platform provides a set of parallel Courses Hands-On-Training to transfer the experience and know-how of recognized code-user experts of Thermal-Hydraulics (System and Subchannel) Codes, Reactor Physics Codes (including coupling with Thermal-Hydraulics), Radiological Consequence Analysis and PSA Codes.

In detail, the NRSHOT platform offers advanced courses (each one of 35 hours) on:

  • RELAP (Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner levels)
  • PARCS & 3D NK-TH Coupling-Beginner
  • PSA
  • Radiological Consequence Analysis

The courses are open to universities, vendors, national laboratories and regulatory bodies. A certificate of attendance is released. A minimum of 10 participants is required to organise each course.

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