European Nuclear Gen II, III, IV Days



The European Nuclear Gen II, III, IV Days, took place in Brussels from 17-19 March 2015. This three-day happening was co-organised by SNETP, ESNII, NC2I and NUGENIA during which a series of events were held.

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  • 5th General Assembly
  • 16th SNETP Governing Board meeting

With SNETP’s goal to support technological developments that enhance the safe and competitive use of nuclear fission in a sustainable energy mix, over 100 member organisations will come together and set the future course of Europe’s Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform. As in previous editions, the General Assembly is open to the public and external stakeholders, including representatives of European institutions and Member States as well as journalists from specialised press.

  • 4th General Assembly (restricted to NUGENIA members) - more information here >>
  • Stakeholders Conference

The NUGENIA Stakeholders Conference, which aims at opening a dialogue with EU Member States representatives in the fission community and European and international organisations active in the field. The purpose is to discuss the pathways to reach a mutual understanding on the necessary structuring of the R&D needs essential to ensure safe and efficient operation of Generation II and III nuclear plants worldwide, including sharing and management of knowledge and building competences and infrastructure.

  • Biennial Conference

ESNII addresses the need for demonstration of Generation IV Fast Neutron Reactor technologies, together with supporting research infrastructures, fuel facilities and R&D work. The Conference and the planned technical sessions will bring together industrial and research organisations involved in the 4 different ESNII programmes (ASTRID, MYRRHA, ALFRED and ALLEGRO) to discuss achievements and the way forward.

  • Workshop

NC2I, Europe’s nuclear cogeneration industrial initiative, is established to foster non-electric use of nuclear energy, with the aim to open a new market of nuclear cogeneration of heat and power. The workshop will be the occasion to present to the nuclear community NC2I’s recent achievements, including the launch of the transatlantic GEMINI initiative (

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