ESFR-SMART workshop – “Instrumentation for the safety of liquid metal facilities”


ESFR-SMART workshop – “Instrumentation for the safety of liquid metal facilities”

  • When: 10-12 April 2019
  • Where: Dresden, Germany

Organised in the framework of the ESFR-SMART project, the “instrumentation for the safety of liquid metal facilities” workshop is dedicated to topics covering coolant technology, facility design, data analysis and code validation with respect to the 4th Generation ESNII fast reactor demonstrators cooled with liquid metals. A special focus will be on sodium, but other liquid metals (lead, lead-bismuth, etc.) will also be addressed.

The workshop aims at providing a platform for discussing and exchanging ideas between students, young professionals and specialists involved in R&D or design activities. Participants from regulatory authorities, as well as from their scientific and technical support organisations, research institutes and consulting companies are welcome.


  1. Flow measurements
  2. In-service inspection
  3. Gas detection
  4. Na quality control
  5. Coolant from energy conversion system ingress detection
  6. Nuclear instrumentation
  7. Leakage detection
  8. Data processing
  9. Level detection
  10. Simulations and validations

==> You can find out more about this event HERE

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