ENEN+ project opens call for mobility grants


ENEN+ project opens call for mobility grants

The ENEN+ project aims to substantially contribute to the revival of the interest of young generations in the careers in nuclear sector. In order to achieve this purpose, the ENEN + H2020 project is launching a mobility call that will open on 1 March 2018.


The mobility grants are intended for those, who would like to improve their knowledge, skills and competitiveness for career opportunities in the following nuclear fields:

  • Nuclear engineering and safety
  • Waste management and geological disposal
  • Radiation protection
  • Medical applications

In particular, the following groups of learners are eligible to receive mobility grants:

  • BSc. students interested in pursuing a master education and/or a career in the nuclear fields.
  • MSc. students in nuclear interested in extracurricular experience and/or academic exchange such as EMSNE.
  • PhD. students and Post-docs in nuclear interested in academic and research exchange, access to research infrastructures and cooperation with EURATOM research projects.
  • Professionals, interested in changing their careers to nuclear and/or building up their life-long learning on nuclear topics.

All mobility actions must be transnational and completed before 31 December 2020 (the end of the ENEN+ project). The applicants of the mobility actions may be:

  • Citizens of any EU member country willing to travel abroad (to another EU country or anywhere else)
  • Citizens of countries, which are not members of EU, pursuing studies in an EU member country and having an already established relation with the receiving institution.

To the successful applicants, the ENEN+ will provide mobility grants, which are intended exclusively to cover mobility costs and access fees and will be provided as lump sums directly to the selected applicants.

By submitting the application, the applicants confirm that all arrangements for the mobility actions, including, but not limited to insurance, access to the facilities, salary and material costs, intellectual property, have been agreed and resolved between the sending and hosting institutions.


The application to the call should be done through the ENEN website between 1 March 1 2018 and 30 September 2020 or until funds are available.

For more information and to apply, please visit the ENEN web page: https://plus.enen.eu/call-for-mobility-grants/

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