EESC Announcement of adopted opinion “EURATOM – Research and Training Programme 2021-2025″


EESC Announcement of adopted opinion “EURATOM – Research and Training Programme 2021-2025″

Pierre Jean Coulin, the President of the TEN Section (Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and Information Society), expressed his point of view on the next EURATOM Training Programme for the years 2021 to 2025.

Dear Mr ,
1. The EESC believes that the innovative aspects introduced in the EURATOM programme, such as its simplification, the broadening of objectives (ionising radiation and plant decommissioning), enhanced synergies with the Horizon Europe programme and the possibility of financing education and training actions for researchers (e.g. Marie Skłodowska-Curie) are in line with citizens’ expectations and boost the efficiency and effectiveness of the programme.

2. The Committee considers it crucial to manage the United Kingdom’s exit from the Euratom programme with the utmost care, particularly with regard to research already in progress, shared infrastructure and the social impact on staff (e.g. working conditions) both on British soil and elsewhere.

3. The EESC considers education – beginning with compulsory education – and training to be an essential factor in attracting young people to scientific and technological subjects. This is critical in terms of increasing the number of European researchers in the sector in the future. Currently there are not sufficient numbers to meet demand from industry and research.

These are amongst the main messages of the EESC opinion on the “EURATOM – Research and Training Programme 2021-2025″, adopted at the EESC Plenary session on 12 December 2018. You will find the full text of the opinion in all language versions, as well as additional information, via this link:

Yours sincerely,Pierre Jean COULON 
President of the TEN Section

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