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The exchange of experience and expertise, the sharing of capabilities and resources and networking between stakeholders, is crucial for the development of an efficient education and training offer that is geared to providing the highly-skilled workforce that a dynamic and fast-evolving sector demands.

With that in mind, the European Nuclear Society (ENS) has established the Education and Training (E&T) Platform. It provides an overview of available university courses, as well as the training and education programmes offered by industry and other institutions. The E&T Platform places special emphasis on collaboration between stakeholders, on the sharing of available infrastructure and resources and on the promotion of existing networks.

The Platform is closely linked to ENS’ bi-annual conference on Education and Training, NESTet, and will continue to evolve thanks to the input it receives from the conference. Another significant contribution to the Platform is made by ENS’ members in 23 countries and by its 60-strong corporate membership.


It is ENSTTI’s goal to provide initial training and continuous qualification programs that will ensure that personnel of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority and Technical Safety Organizations or any professionals involved in licensing procedures are able:

  • to maintain the level of skills and knowledge required for their current positions
  • and that they have the opportunity to prepare in time to take on new tasks or promotions.

The new detailed ENSTTI training catalogue 2018-2019 is now available on the Enstti website:

A training schedule, updated every 6 months, is opening the catalogue giving details on partners’ training funding such as the EC/INSC T&T project or the IAEA TC programme. The training and tutoring programs are delivered exclusively by senior professionals from European TSOs who take the latest technical developments into consideration. These programs are continuously updated and improved through a systematic approach to training.

Download the catalogue here


The EU ANNETTE project (Advanced Networking for Nuclear Education and Training and Transfer of Expertise), coordinated by the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), has collected and set up a broad programme of courses that are offered for free in the pilot phase of the project.

The course offer targets individuals who are looking to start, refresh, deepen or widen their education and training in the nuclear fields. The topics covered encompass Nuclear Safety / Technology, Radiation Protection, Waste Management and Geological Disposal, Nuclear Safety Culture and Fusion. Major universities, research centres and other institutions in Europe are involved in delivering the courses.

More information here


The National Center for Nuclear Research is inviting candidates for a 5-year doctoral studies in reactor physics within the framework of the project “New reactor concepts and safety analyses for the Polish Nuclear Energy Program” POWR.03.02.00-00.I005/17-02. The project will be devoted to the research in the new high temperature reactor technologies: HTGR – High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor and DFR – Dual Fluid Reactor, which were indicated in the report of the Polish Ministry of Energy Committee for Deployment of High Temperature Reactors. The studies will cover all the aspects of these Generation IV reactors such as the design, the neutronics and reactor physics, the heat processes as well as the safety analyses.

More information here


The NUGENIA Association offers grants that are dedicated mainly to early career engineers and scientists but also to professionals who wish to visit an infrastructure located in a European country which is distinct to the one in which they work. The infrastructure must be relevant to their qualification or R&D work and recognised as valuable by NUGENIA end-users.

More information and application here


The ENEN+ project aims to substantially contribute to the revival of the interest of young generations in the careers in nuclear sector. In order to achieve this purpose, the ENEN + H2020 project has launched a mobility call.


The mobility grants are intended for those, who would like to improve their knowledge, skills and competitiveness for career opportunities in the following nuclear fields:

  • Nuclear engineering and safety
  • Waste management and geological disposal
  • Radiation protection
  • Medical applications

In particular, the following groups of learners are eligible to receive mobility grants:

  • BSc. students interested in pursuing a master education and/or a career in the nuclear fields.
  • MSc. students in nuclear interested in extracurricular experience and/or academic exchange such as EMSNE.
  • PhD. students and Post-docs in nuclear interested in academic and research exchange, access to research infrastructures and cooperation with EURATOM research projects.
  • Professionals, interested in changing their careers to nuclear and/or building up their life-long learning on nuclear topics.

All mobility actions must be transnational and completed before 31 December 2020 (the end of the ENEN+ project).

More information and application here

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