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The SNETP Vision Report set out three major pillars: maintaining the safety and competitiveness of today's technologies; developing a new generation of more sustainable reactor technologies; and developing new applications for nuclear power.

NUGENIA: Nuclear Generation II&III Association

NUGENIA is an international non-profit association dedicated to the research and development of nuclear fission technologies, with a focus on Gen II & III nuclear plants. It provides scientific and technical basis to the community by initiating and supporting international R&D projects and programmes.
The association gathers stakeholders from industry, research, safety organisations and academia, committed to develop joint R&D projects in the field.

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ESNII: European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative

The European Sustainable Nuclear Industrial Initiative (ESNII) addresses the need for demonstration of Generation IV Fast Neutron Reactor technologies, together with supporting research infrastructures, fuel facilities and R&D work.
The main goal of ESNII is to design, license, construct, commission and put into operation before 2025 the Sodium Fast Reactor (SFR) Prototype reactor called ASTRID and the flexible fast spectrum irradiation facility MYRRHA. The ALFRED demonstrator for Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR), and ALLEGRO for Gas-cooled Fast Reactor (GFR) technologies are also part of the roadmap.

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NC2I: Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative

The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I) aims at demonstrating an innovative and competitive energy solution for the low-carbon cogeneration of heat and electricity based on nuclear energy.

The targeted outcome is the commissioning within 10 years of a nuclear cogeneration prototype to deploy this low-carbon energy technology in several energy-intensive industries.

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The Strategic Research Innovation Agenda provides decision-makers and the scientific community at large with research, development and demonstration roadmaps to achieve the short (2015), medium (2020) and long-term (2040-2050) goals of the SET Plan.

The SRIA is the result of the contribution from nearly 100 scientists and engineers from the member organisations of SNETP, under the Chairmanship of Dr Enrique Gonzalez of CIEMAT, followed by a public consultation.

The latest version of the SRIA, issued in February 2013, is available for download here.
The purpose of the Deployment Strategy Working Group is to :
  • Identify the key actions necessary to implement the Strategic Research Agenda.
  • Overcome the technical and non-technical barriers.
  • Communicate to decision-makers and the general public on its benefits and impact.
It includes stakeholders from utilities, manufacturers, academia and Technical Safety Organisations. The first DS was released in 2010 and an update was published in December 2015, under the coordination of Mrs Marylise Caron-Charles (Areva).

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Education, training and the maintenance of competencies is a cornerstone of Europe’s vision for the development of nuclear energy.

As an important cross-cutting activity within SNETP, the ETKM group collaborates closely with the SRIA and DS working groups in order to provide a coherent approach for ETKM activities.

Its main objectives are to:
  • Identify education and training gaps and recommend actions at appropriate levels.
  • Take account of the knowledge that was collected in companies, research centres or regulators and recommends actions for transferring it to younger generations
  • Supports the dialogue on international cooperation in the field of ETKM between EURATOM and non-EU countries
It includes stakeholders from research institutions, industry and EU organisations, with essential support from the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN). The Group is chaired by Professor John Roberts (University of Manchester).

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Generation 4 Nuclear reactor systems for the future
Date: 19-23 June 2017
Location: INSTN/CEA-Saclay, France
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European workshop on Safety Assessment of Fast Neutron Reactors
Date: 10-12 July 2017
Location: Garching, Germany
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